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I’m Engineer Ahmed Metwalli , a SolidWorks Design Engineer , with a strong track record of delivering sustainable results across numerous industries.

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i offer always many Free courses in Design using SolidWorks.

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you can also download many PDF and SolidWorks Parts to inspire you in design.


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Rather than continuing to tell you what I can do, why not take a look for yourself? I’m proud of all my previous projects, and believe the success I’ve managed to cultivate in the past speaks for itself. Follow the link below to see some of my work.

i am Engineer Ahmed Metwalli . i have worked for 8 years in design Pressure Vessels.
Using SolidWorks Software. i worked Also 2 years in Dental Company based in Atlanta called 360 imaging as a CAD Designer. i made more than 500 Design in this time.

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People don't buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.